Give Your Floors an Upgrade with Luxury Vinyl Tile in Oklahoma City, OK

Luxury Vinyl Tile

There’s a flooring choice that many homeowners place with confidence throughout every room in their homes. That’s not to say they are installing the exact same product in every room, what it means is that there is one type of flooring that comes in a broad range of styles and designs. Luxury vinyl tile in Oklahoma City, OK, is that versatile flooring choice.

At Moorman's Carpets & Rugs, we have a vast inventory of vinyl and our friendly staff will be happy to help you find precisely what you want. We have tiles and planks to meet all your flooring needs. When you decide upon one type of flooring, it makes your follow-up choices much easier, because then you are considering just styles.

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A Durable and Adaptable Choice

Wood floors look great and stone is a very fine choice, but they are both more suitable for specific areas than throughout your entire home. Chances are you are not going to put hardwood in your bathroom or kitchen, and your living room floors will not likely be covered with stone. Bathrooms are too humid, and stone is not quite comfortable enough for a room where you spend a great deal of time.

Luxury vinyl tiles offer the durability of these flooring types but with the added benefit of being very adaptable. You can place wood plank vinyl in your bathroom and not worry about the risks faced by wood floors in an area of high humidity and moisture. It’s water resistant and stands up well to that environment.

You can have the look of natural stone in your living room while enjoying the comfort and resiliency of vinyl. Not only that, vinyl provides this level of serviceability while also being easy on the wallet.

Proper Installation is the Key to Success

Another key feature of vinyl is that it can be installed over virtually any surface; this means that there is not a lot of preparation work required for luxury vinyl tile floor installation. Our professional installers have the experience and skills to ensure your floors are smooth, and even with a precise fit. There will be no worry about ridges or ripples or seams that expand, just a floor you are happy to call your own.

Maybe you would like a creative pattern rather than a standard look, well that’s not a problem as our installers can take advantage of the limitless design options presented and give you an Luxury Vinyl Tile floor you’ll love.

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