High-Quality Flooring in Oklahoma City, OK

Since 1960, Moorman’s Distinctive Carpets and Area Rugs has provided stylish and carpets and area rugs that are made to fit any aesthetic preference and décor. When you demand outstanding results from your home’s flooring design, start your next project with our specialists for high-quality flooring service from the ground up. From selection to installation, we are fully equipped to provide the assistance you need to ensure that your new flooring replacement is successfully completed in an efficient and timely manner. We have the most extensive selection of carpet and area rugs in the area at outstanding prices and exceptional design services. 

Enjoy Shopping at Our Flooring Store

As a premier flooring store, we set ourselves apart from the competition by being a part of the only luxury flooring alliance in the country, the International Design Guild. This membership allows us to offer our local community exclusive selections and exceptional services that can’t be found anywhere else in the area. While we are an autonomous entity that is able to serve the unique needs of homeowners, our alliance with other stores in the network enables us to provide superior products at better prices. Our products and show room include: 


Why Shop for Home Flooring at Our Showroom?

Improving your home should be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. To ensure that your next home flooring replacement is as easy and convenient as possible, be sure to consult the knowledgeable specialists at our reputable local flooring store. We have been serving our clients for more than 50 years, so our in-store associates are committed to making sure that every visit to our showroom is simple and stress-free. All of our employees have developed the resources and knowledge necessary to fully provide the answers and solutions that you need for your next flooring project. With decades of hands-on experience on our side, we are ready to help you choose from the endless design possibilities available to find the perfect choice for your new floor.  

Your Source for Trustworthy Flooring Installation

To guarantee that your new floors continue to impress both you and your guests for years to come, we back all of the purchases that are made at our location with installation services from our professional technicians. We partner with the finest flooring engineers that are capable of completing every installation in a timely manner, so you can rely on us for speedy and efficient service. After our engineers have inspected your property to determine the proper approach for installation, we begin the process with customized solutions that are based on a number of factors. Depending on the type of material that you’ve chosen and the size of your flooring area, we give you an estimate of the time that it will take for your installation to be completed. This allows you to know approximately how long it will take for us to finish your installation, so you can be informed of the progress along the way.

With all of our flooring installation projects, efficiency and quality are our guiding principles. Our commitment to your satisfactions ensures that your flooring installation will be completed with minimal delay, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy your new floor as soon as possible. Each of our installers utilizes trusted techniques and state-of-the-art tools to get the job done, which means that you can depend on them to handle your installation with the utmost speed and skill. From synthetic domestic broadloom carpets and machine-made area rugs to premium woven wool carpeting and handcrafted area rugs, we have gathered an extensive collection of the finest and most luxurious carpets from around the world. For international style at an affordable price, look no further than our local showroom for the elegance that you deserve from your new floor.

Premier Flooring Options from the Industry’s Top Brands

If you are interested in a fulfilling shopping trip for new floors, then don’t hesitate to stop by our location for assistance from one of our premier flooring experts, who will gladly work with you while you browse our stunning collections. Our staff provides valuable recommendations and guidance along the way by helping you narrow down our inventory of flooring styles based on your personal taste, budget, and expectations. As part of our commitment to making your shopping trip as convenient as possible, we turn a lengthy selection process into an easy decision that ends in a confident purchase.

Instead of overwhelming our valued clients with an endless selection of generic floors, we only carry the top flooring products that are manufactured by the industry’s leading brands. Whether you are interested in choosing new floors for a single room or the entire home, you can’t go wrong by investing in any of the lovely surface solutions currently on display at our showroom. We offer both carpet and hard surface flooring in a wide range of options, so you can turn to us for a broad selection of choices for every room of your home.

Maintain Your New Floor with Proven Cleaning Solutions
Finding a new floor and having it installed by our team of professional flooring specialists is only the beginning. After we’ve successfully completed the installation, it’s necessary for you to ensure that your floor remains in its top condition for years to come. In order to make sure that you get the most out of your new flooring, we make sure that you’re prepared for routine upkeep that preserves its quality for the future. With the amount of pressure placed on your floor by daily foot traffic and the potential for spills and accidents a constant risk, it’s important to know how you can keep your floor in its best shape.

In addition to offering quality flooring options, we carry cleaning products for your carpet, area rugs, and hard surface floors from Resista, one of the industry’s proven cleaning solutions. We also offer personal recommendations for the area’s most reliable professional cleaning services for periodic maintenance that keeps your floor looking its best and free from damage or stains.  That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the longevity of your flooring investment without having to worry about spills or other issues that may compromise the quality of your floor’s appearance and performance. 


Learn more about the high-quality flooring carried at Moorman’s Distinctive Carpet and Area Rugs before you stop by for a visit. Call 405-792-0083 or use the convenient contact form to get in touch with our team. We proudly serve Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore, Norman, and Shawnee, Oklahoma, as well as the surrounding areas.

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